Admission Procedure

  1. Obtain the admission form from the admission office or download from official website of the university.
  2. Fill the form and attach all the required documents with it and resubmit it to the same office before the last date.
  • Eligible applicants have to appears in admission test and an interview, at the time of interview bring the original testimonial for verification.
  1. Selected candidates shall be notified to submit fee according to the fee schedule within deadlines.

Semester Course Registration Rules

  1. Student may not register for more than 20 CH per semester including regular or repeated courses.
  2. Student may drop any registered course within one calendar month. The course fee shall be adjusted during next course registration.
  3. Pre-Requisite & its advance course may not be registered in the same semester. It shall only be allowed if student is taking the pre-requisite course for grade improvement.
  4. Student shall register him/herself for the semester within given deadlines but rights of approving the registration shall be with concerned Batch /Class Advisor.
  5. Batch /Class Advisor shall have to ensure all requisites of registration & course selection before approval.
  6. Student shall have to pay advance fee for registered number of CH plus semester registration fee before the given deadline, the registration shall be considered cancelled otherwise.
  7. Summer Semester may be offered if in any specific pre-requisite course the number of repeaters is more than 30% of the class and/or to facilitate the senior batch students in getting their degrees within the same academic year.
  8. Student may not freeze two consecutive semesters in a calendar year, excluding summer semester.
  9. A student can apply for withdrawal from any course with the recommendation of Batch/Class Advisor followed by approval of Concerned Chairman two weeks before the final examination.
  10. Full fee shall be charged for any withdrawn course(s). There shall be “no full or partial refund of fee” allowed under any circumstances.
  11. Grade “W” will be marked in the transcript for any withdrawn course and shall not be counted in the calculation of CGPA/SGPA. The same course cannot be withdrawn twice.

Examination & Grading System

  • Semester system of examination is proposed as approved for other programs at ZUFEST with relative grading (provided recommended numbers of students by HEC are enrolled in a certain batch)
  • Minimum CH limit for each semester is 9 and maximum is 20.
  • Grading Map (for prospectus only)

Admission by Migration

Under extraordinary circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Dean/Principal concerned may allow migration of a student from other recognized institutions to the university and vice versa, provided that: –

  1. The academic councils of the institutions are agreed on the migration of student.
  2. The courses of studies are equivalent. The credits earned in the previous institution may be permitted to be transferred to other institutions to which the student migrates.