BS Accounting and Finance


BS Accounting and Finance is a 4-years program covering intensive Accounting and Finance Syllabi. The program combines strong accounting and finance conceptual framework along with soft and business skills needed to excel in these areas. This program also improves technical and interpersonal skills of the students. Syllabus coverage of the courses allows the students to attain the BS (Hons) degree and attempt ACCA (UK) papers within 4 years. At the end of this period, a candidate may become a graduate and a professional qualification holder. ACCA exempts the first 9 papers of the BS (Hons) Accounting and Finance Program graduates. To complete ACCA qualification, graduates must pass the last 5 papers of ACCA. This program has two semesters every year and a total of 8 semesters.


Vision of the BS (Accounting and Finance) Program

The program aims to produce graduates that are intellectually and morally capable to add value to the industry and society by identifying and analyzing business problems through accounting and finance skills that facilitate individuals to work with ever changing environment at large scale and provide the sustainable solutions through professional, research and entrepreneurial skills. 

Mission of the BS (Accounting and Finance) Program

To be recognized as one of the leading undergrad business programs that nurtures individuals by imparting quality education to investigate the local and global challenges of the industry and society.

 -To develop future business leaders, that have an outlook on environmental, social and governance for both the local and global market.


PEO1:   To produce graduates with strong foundations in accounting and finance to develop managerial qualities.

PEO2:   To produce graduates with the ability to think creatively and critically, analyze problems quantitatively and use information technology to solve business issues.

PEO3:   To produce graduates with understanding of social and ethical issues that concern the whole business community.

PEO4:   To produce graduates with good communication skills, personality, legal knowledge and understanding of local and global issues that concern the whole business community.


BS (Accounting and Finance) program prepares students to attain the educational objectives by ensuring that students demonstrate achievement of the following learning outcomes:

PLO1:   Accounting & Finance Knowledge: An ability to apply accounting and finance knowledge along with other business domains to solve complex business situations.

PLO2:   Problem Analysis: An ability to identify, formulate, research literature and analyze complex business problems to reach substantial conclusions using accounting and financial principles.

PLO3:   Communication: An ability to communicate effectively, orally as well as in writing, on complex accounting and financial activities with the business community and with society at large, such as being able to comprehend and write effective accounting and financial reports and design documentation, make effective presentations and give and receive clear instructions.

PLO4:   Ethics: Ability to identify ethical and social problems in the business environment and resolve them as per the professional code of ethics.

PLO5:   Best Practices: An ability to apply theoretical applications of accounting and finance in the functional areas of business.

PLO6:   Team Work: An ability to understand the importance of teamwork and leadership to achieve long-term and short-term organizational goals.

PLO7:   Diversity: An ability to understand the importance of cultural diversity and interpersonal skills, especially in the workplace.

PLO8:   Modern tool Usage: An ability to understand systems and able to use modern software and tools to apply and interpret functional business knowledge.

PLO9:   Global Prospect: An ability to identify business opportunities and challenges of an evolving global environment by identifying and analyzing relevant global factors that influence decision making and develop viable alternatives in an international business.

PLO10: Legal Knowledge: An ability to demonstrate an understanding of the law and its application to business units.

PLO11: Social Responsibility: An ability to understand issues related to CSR involving different stakeholders and make effective decisions


Graduates of this program can expect promising careers in the following roles and fields:

  • Pursue a career in Accounting/Finance/Auditing/Taxation
  • Pursue professional studies like MBA/CA/ACCA/CIMA/CFA
  • Freelancing


Tuition Fee/CreditExam Fee/CreditNo. of Credit/SemesterTotal Tuition FeesTotal Exams FeeSemester Registration FeeActivity fee /Semester Semester Fees
  Admission fee (One Time)12000
  Security Deposit (One Time and refundable)5000


** Tuition Fee and Exam Fee is calculated with Credit hours and will be changed in different Semesters

Note: Any additional taxes imposed by the government will be the liability of the students/parents/guardian.

The University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.


Course Code

Course TitleCredit HoursPre-RequisiteEqui

Semester – 1

ENG-110Functional English3+0None 
NAS-110Computer Concepts & Applications2+1None 
CIV-110 / CIV-111Islamic Studies / Moral Ethics3+0None 
NAS-111Basic Mathematics & Calculus3+0None 
ACC-110Introduction to Financial Accounting3+0NoneACC-120

Semester Credit Hours




Semester – 2

MAN-120Principles of Management3+0NoneMAN-110
ECO-120Micro Economics3+0None 
ENG-120Communication & Presentation Skills3+0ENG-110 
CIV-120Pakistan Studies3+0None 
ACC-121Financial Accounting3+0ACC-110ACC-231
 Semester Credit Hours15  


Semester – 3

NAS-232Business Statistics3+0NAS-111  
MKT-230Principles of Marketing3+0MAN-120MKT-120
FIN-230Introduction to Business Finance3+0ACC-121FIN-240
ACC-232Accounting & Financial Information Systems3+0ACC-121 

Semester Credit Hours




Semester – 4

FIN-241Introduction to Financial System3+0FIN-230, ECO-231 
LAW-240Business & Labor Law3+0None 
ECO-242Economy of Pakistan3+0ECO-231 
MAN-241Organizational Behavior3+0MAN-120MAN-351
NAS-243Statistical Inference3+0NAS-232 
ACC-243Cost & Managerial Accounting3+0ACC-232ACC-242

Semester Credit Hours




Semester – 5

ACC-354Corporate Accounting & Reporting3+0ACC-232  
FIN-352Financial Institutions & Markets3+0FIN-241FIN-351
COM-350Business Communication3+0ENG-120COM-230
MKT-351Business Intelligence & Analytics3+0MKT-230 
LAW-351Company Law3+0LAW-240  
HRM-350Human Resource Management3+0MAN-120 

Semester Credit Hours




Semester – 6

ACC-365Audit & Assurance3+0ACC-354 
RES-360Business Research Methods3+0NAS-234 
FIN-363Financial Management3+0FIN-230FIN-362
ACC-366Financial Reporting Analysis3+0ACC-354 
ACC-367Performance Management3+0ACC-243 
LAW-362Business Taxation  3+0LAW-240 

Semester Credit Hours




Semester – 7

 FIN-474Corporate Finance3+0FIN-363 
XXXUniversity Elective3+0None 
XXXAccounting Elective-I3+0None 
XXXFinance Elective-I3+0None 
 RES-471Final Project3+0RES-360 

Semester Credit Hours




Semester – 8

XXXUniversity Elective3+0None 
FIN-485Corporate Governance3+0  
XXXAccounting Elective-II3+0None 
XXXFinance Elective-II3+0None 
 RES-482Final Project3+0RES-471 

Semester Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours




Specialization Courses – Finance


FIN-486Corporate Finance3+0
FIN-487Financial Economics3+0
FIN-488Credit Management3+0
FIN-489Taxation Management3+0
FIN-490Practice & Laws of Banking3+0
FIN-491Consumer Banking3+0
FIN-492Seminar in Finance3+0
FIN-493Risk Management3+0
FIN-495Islamic Financial System3+0
FIN-496Credit Analysis & Investment Banking3+0
FIN-497Investment & Portfolio Management3+0
FIN-498Public Finance3+0
FIN-499Treasury & Funds Management3+0
FIN-451Green Finance3+0
FIN-452Managerial Finance3+0
FIN-453International Financial Management3+0
FIN-454Investment Banking3+0
FIN-455Financial Risk Management3+0
FIN-456Advanced Corporate Finance3+0
FIN-457Financial Econometrics3+0
FIN-458Branch Banking           3+0
FIN-459Marketing of Financial Services3+0
FIN-460Strategic Financial Management3+0
FIN-461Contemporary Issues in Finance3+0
FIN-462Regulations & Financial Markets3+0
FIN-463Sharia Compliant Financial Markets & Institutions3+0
FIN-464Contract Management3+0
FIN-465Alternative Finance3+0
FIN-466Digital Currency3+0
FIN-467International Banking3+0
FIN-468Behavioral Finance      3+0
FIN-469Empirical Research in Finance3+0
FIN-470Mergers & Acquisitions3+0


Specialization Courses – Accounting

ACC-470Financial Statement Analysis3+0
ACC-471Advanced Managerial Accounting3+0
ACC-472Accounting Theory      3+0
ACC-473Advanced Auditing      3+0
ACC-474Advance Financial Reporting3+0
ACC-475Essential Software in Accounting3+0
ACC-476Tax Management & Optimization3+0
ACC-477HR Accounting3+0
ACC-478Responsible Accounting3+0
ACC-479ESG Accounting3+0
ACC-480Enterprise Resource Planning3+0
ACC-481Advance Financial Accounting3+0
ACC-482Digital Accounting       3+0