BS Microbiology


HSC in Pre-engineering / Pre-medical / Computer Science, A-levels / DAE or Equivalent

Why select this program?

Microbiology is an excellent major for undergraduate students who want a good general education with emphasis on an important and interesting branch of biology. It is one of the most significant branches of biology. Microbiology is one of the largest and most complex of the biological sciences as it deals with many diverse biological disciplines. It has become an umbrella term that cover up many fields of studies for instance medical, molecular, veterinary, industrial, environmental, parasitology, mycology, bacteriology, virology and numerous other. It has the very demanding scope and going high and high with the passage of time not only in Pakistan but all over the globe. Microbiologists can pursue their careers in various fields such as agriculture, food, environment, industrial microbiology, public health, pharmaceuticals, resource management, and academia.


The university provides the best resources and facilities to their students and also support their learning with diverse research and teaching. Some of the facilities includes:

  • Ziauddin Hospital facility available for training purpose
  • Within city campus (easy-to-reach), district central
  • Fully equipped (AC, Multimedia, Computer facilities) classrooms
  • State-of-the-art labs at Education City (Link Road) Campus
  • Latest books available in the library
  • E-access available, HINARI, PERN, IEEE (Digital Library)
  • Ph.D. faculty
  • Affordable fee
  • Financial Assistance available

Career Prospects

The scope of microbiology in Pakistan is increasing day by day with the advancement of science and technology. A microbiologist can easily get the employee in any one of the job areas: Pathology Labs, Biotechnology Firms, Chemical Industries, Veterinary Labs, Food and Nutrition based Companies, Poultry Industries, Beverages Industries, Pharmaceutical Firms, Dairy Farms, Agriculture Sectors, Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist and Technicians, Research Departments, Epidemiologist, Consultations and Academic jobs.  

Strength of Faculty Members (a short introduction that highlights their strengths/experience)

The Faculty of Ziauddin University is highly enthusiastic with an excellent teaching skill also the faculty performance strengths included knowledgeable and strategic teacher, creating a positive learning environment, demonstrating professionalism, displaying scholarly traits, and being supportive. The faculty members have great knowledge about their subjects most of them are PhD scholars from national and international universities and have excellent research and teaching skills. Moreover, the faculty is very active in developing linkages with national and international universities regarding teaching, research, publications and collaborative assignments between universities and institutions.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Saad Jawaid Khan

Associate Professor & Chairperson

Email: [email protected]


Dr. Fariha Ibrahim

Assistant Professor

Email: [email protected]


Dr. Syeda Bushra Zafar

Assistant Professor

Email: [email protected]