Welcome to the website of the Department of Civil Engineering (CV), Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology, Ziauddin University (ZUFESTM).


To achieve excellence in acquiring skills in the domain of Civil Engineering to serve the humanity as whole by best serving the demands of society.


To impart fundamental education leading to the independent knowledge and methodologies to help develop capacity for the graduates to plan, design, execute and manage the Civil Engineering projects and be outlets to the industry stakeholders.


Ziauddin University has recently established Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology. The endeavors of ZUFESTM are Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Software Engineering. As per the mission of University, Department of Civil Engineering is committed to provide state of the art lab facilities, interactive learning environment and highly qualified faculty.

Ziauddin University, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology is offering 4 years program entitling BE Civil Engineering/ Technology with the formulation of theory and laboratories complete information. The department of Civil Engineering is well equipped with laboratories of Surveying, Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics & Hydrology, Mechanics of Solids, Construction Engineering, Material Testing, Drawing studio and Computing Lab. Not only that, the balance is created in theory and practical knowledge with the induction of highly qualified and senior faculty members having enough field and research experiences. Lab staff and attendants are also available for supporting actions. In order to strengthen the research area of Civil Engineering, departmental library has been established having sufficient number of Civil Engineering titles in specialization. The program has started with prior NOC from PEC. The curriculum is in lines with HEC/NCRC. In factual terms, by the end of course program, the student will be in position to select and set in stable point of Civil Engineering followed by technical skills learned.



Ziauddin University, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (ZUFESTM) is offering following programs in the Department of Civil Engineering: