Welcome to the Website of the Department of Management Technology and Information Science, Faculty of Engineering, Science, Technology & Management, Ziauddin University (ZUFESTM).


“To be recognized as a leader in management technology & information science education producing highly capable resource pool for relevant market.”


“To produce quality graduates to add value as a critical component of corporate strategy and planning and lead economic development of Technology & Information Science sector through effective Research and Development, Entrepreneurship and lifelong learning”


The field of management science involves the use of analytical methods to make decisions. Management science can be used in the fields of engineering, computer science, statistics, information engineering, logistics, marketing and economics. Programs in management science provide students with the skills they need to make optimal decisions. They learn mathematical research skills and apply them to decision making processes in a variety of fields. Methods can also be used to create and manage production systems that are more efficient. Management scientists perform analysis with computer math models. Translating business problems into analytical problems, developing analytical models, managing big volumes of data, analyzing data for providing solutions across business functional areas, interpreting analytical solutions for managerial decision-making, and communicating analytical results to novice and advanced technical audiences in a business environment.