Activity 01:

Lab Equipment Training, Civil Engineering

The vendor from Electrical Engineering Services (EES) visited the Department on 1st and 2nd March, 2021 and conducted training of rest of the lab equipment, including Wheel Tracker along with its Compactor. Lab Supervisor Mr. Syed Mehfooz, and Lab Attendants Mr. Muhammad Bilal and Mr. Hasan Ahmed actively participated in the training session followed by deputed Lab Engineers.

Activity 02:

Approval of Prime Agendas in BOS and BOF, Architecture, ZUFESTM

Prime academic agendas related to Architecture domain were approved in 7th BOS on 2nd March, 2021 through electronic resolutions followed by its required approval in 10th BOF on 16th March, 2021 in order to further channelize the respective program.

Activity 03:

Faculty Discussion, Civil Engineering, ZUFESTM

On 9th March, 2021, a faculty discussion was organized with entire faculty by Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri, Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering. The main agenda of discussion was preparation for the visit of Vice Chancellor to Link Road Campus. Chairperson assigned duties to the concerned faculty and staff for the same.

Exhibit1: Faculty Discussion

Activity 04:

Visit of Vice Chancellor to Department of Civil Engineering, Link Road Campus

Prof. Dr. Syed Irfan Haider (VC Ziauddin University) visited Link Road Campus on 15th March, 2021. Chairperson Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri demonstrated lab activities performed in Civil Engineering Laboratories to the visitors. Vice Chancellor also interacted with the faculty and had a motivational discussion with students.

Exhibit2: Vice Chancellor’s Visit to Civil Engineering Laboratories

Activity 05:

Participation of Faculty, Staff and Students in Sports Festival 2021

Faculty, Staff and Students of the Department actively participated in the Sports Festival held on 16th and 17th March, 2021. Civil Engineering Team won the Foosball Tournament and was awarded with a trophy (Exhibit 3). Civil Engineering teams also became Semi Finalist in Cricket and Runner-Up in Futsal tournaments.

Exhibit3: Achievement earned by the Department

Activity 06:

Field Visit of 3rd and 4th Batch, BE Civil Engineering Students at Link Road Campus – Existing Construction Site

A field visit of 3rd and 4th Batch Students was organized by Lab Engineers, Engr. Asjad Alam, Engr. Farooq Ahmed and Engr. Dhanik Vikrant on 18th March, 2021. Students visited Swimming Pool and associated construction work zone at Link Road Campus, gained a valuable insight into the Civil Engineering industry and enhanced their understanding of how taught construction principles are applied in practice. The visit accomplished with full protocols of safety measures and use of safety gadgets.

Exhibit4: Field Visit for Civil Engineering Students

Activity 07:

Participation of Final Year Students in Guest Lecture

Final Year, Civil Engineering Students (1st Batch) attended the Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship in North Campus, ZUFESTM; delivered by Mr. Umer Jilani (MD Safetech International, MD Zainab Medical Centre, Business Consultant) on 24th March, 2021. The key points of the Lecture included, but not limited to, how to become an entrepreneur with establishing a business on very less investment.

Exhibit5: Final Year Students attending the Guest Lecture



Activity 01:

Departmental Meeting, Civil Engineering & Architecture, ZUFESTM

On 4th February, 2021, a faculty meeting was organized by Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri, Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture. The main agendas of meeting were commencement of Midterm Examinations (Fall 2020) and resumption of physical classes. Other agendas related to B. Arch program were submission of Midterm papers and Spring 2021 course files along with regular maintenance of attendance on CMS portal.

Activity 02:

Conduction of Midterm Examinations (Fall 2020), Civil Engineering and Technology Programs

The Midterm Examinations of Civil Engineering and Technology programs were held from 8th February, 2021 to 15th February, 2021 at North Campus in accordance with COVID-19 SOPs. The students and teachers maintained separation with each other to ensure social distancing during the examinations. Individuals sitting in examination rooms were bound to wear personal protective equipment, such as appropriate masks, and avoid overcrowding all around.

Activity 03:

Recommencement of Physical Classes in compliance with COVID-19 SOPs

The classes of Department has resumed at North and Link Road Campuses of Ziauddin University on 16th February, 2021 followed by the approvals of competent authority, ending a long closure due to pandemic. According to the SOPs issued by Department of Civil Engineering, wearing masks is mandatory for all students, teachers and lab staff in classrooms and laboratories.

Activity 04:

2nd Final Year Projects (FYP) Committee Meeting, Civil Engineering, ZUFESTM

Dr. Samia Tariq, Convener FYP, Department of Civil Engineering, arranged 2nd FYP committee meeting on 18th February 2021. The main agendas of the meeting were preparation of guidelines for faculty, formalization of student guidelines for preparation of FYP report/ Mid-year and Final FYP presentations in order to provide a uniform and transparent process for the students of BE Civil Engineering Batch I.

Activity 05:

Nominations for OBE Training from Department of Civil Engineering

Two faculty members, Dr. Samia Tariq (Associate Professor) and Engr. Muhammad Kamran (Lecturer), are nominated as representatives from Department of Civil Engineering to work at certain OBE levels in deputed training program at Clifton Campus, ZU. The salient features of program include review of outcomes/objectives, teaching learning and assessment strategies for curriculum mapping and improvement in alignment/ transfer of teaching and assessment data as per Bloom’s Taxonomy on software systems. This activity is being planned to facilitate the process of adapting curricular components as a selected sample which will be helpful to modify existing curriculum document of respective program. The nominations have attended the first session inclusive of learning assignments.

Interviews for Financial Assistance Program, ZUFESTM

Financial assistance program for merit students is proposed by ZUFESTM in considerations to their needs and previous academic progress. In this connection, assessment/ online interviews for Civil Engineering students are also carried out on 21st January, 2021 by Chairperson, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri and Assistant Professor, Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz. Complete assessment sheets on certain norms have forwarded accordingly for further approvals and processing.

Final Year Project (FYP) application submitted in NGIRI 2021

Couple of Final Year Project (FYP) applications has been submitted for evaluation by respective groups of undergraduate final year students in NGIRI 2021 under the umbrella of Ignite. The particular FYPs are jointly proposed by Professor; Dr. Abdul Aziz Ansari, Associate Professor; Dr. Samia Tariq, Lecturers; Engr. Muhammad Kamran and Engr. Jahanzaib Sherani. NGIRI 2021 program aims to assist final year undergraduate students studying in institutions by providing them financial assistance for developing prototypes and working models of their FYPs in order to increase creativity, innovation and hands-on Engineering and development skills, and further to promote R&D at grass-root level.

Faculty Appointment in Department

A qualified and experienced faculty member, Engr. Dhanik Vikrant (Lab Engineer), has been appointed within the capacity of Civil Engineering Department on 4th January 2021. Chairperson of the Department gave warm welcome to him.

Departmental OBE Discussion

As per past practice, OBE team of department executed an OBE discussion on 29th December 2020 with faculty members engaged in teaching courses of BE Civil Engineering and BS Civil Technology Programs against Fall 2020 semester. The points discussed during meeting in order to effectively implement improved OBE mechanism were PLO selection from stream available for courses/ labs and consultation for CLOs selection with theory instructor.

Departmental Meeting, Architecture, ZUFESTM

A departmental meeting regarding preparation of the PCATP Zero visit documents was arranged with Dr. Fahad Azim (Dean ZUFESTM), Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri (Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture) and concerned faculty members of Architecture on 11th December 2020. The meeting was headed by Dean (ZUFESTM) and its main agendas include allocation of course codes, contact hours and mapping of PLOs to CLOs for smooth execution of Bachelors in Architecture Program.

Conduction of an Introductory Class with Batch IV Students, BE Civil Engineering Program

On 7th December, 2020, an online introductory session with Batch IV students was organized by Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri, Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering. The purpose of this online session was to provide students with information regarding the rules and regulations and system of instruction and assessment within the department and university. Furthermore, mechanism of online classes on Google Meet was also elaborated by him.

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