Venue: North Campus, Ziauddin University

Date: 30.09.2022

Speaker: Ms Anum Zulfiqar Zafar,

Clinical Practitioner,

The Institute of Mind Sciences, Karachi

This seminar was organized by the efforts of IEEE ZU Student Branch, ZUFESTM Council and Ms. Lalarukh Jamzadi from the Architecture department and hosted by Ms. Shiza Ali of BS Biotechnology, Batch-2. Ms. Anum Zulfiqar Zafar, who is our esteemed guest, is a clinical psychologist/counsellor who has extended her services for 4 years in the field of Psychology. Her expertise lies in counselling, psychotherapy, mainly CBT, REBT, CCT. She also deals with anxiety, depression, stress management, social counselling, and a range of other various mental illnesses. Currently she is affiliated with Institute of Mind Sciences and giving services as a Clinical Practitioner. In conclusion, the seminar was a good event where Zufestm students learned about why counselling is important especially in this time, where everyone is struggling with anxiety and depression. Also, they got a good understanding about the importance of psychotherapy in the field of psychology. The faculty members Dr. Saad (Chairperson Biomedical Engineering Department), Engr. Ashfaque Baloch (Patron Student Council and IEEE ZU Branch Counsellor), and Ms. Lalarukh Jamzadi (Lecturer Architecure Department), also attended this seminar. By the end of the seminar Dr. Saad presented the token of appreciation to our guest speaker Ms. Anum Zulfiqar Zafar.