Participation of Civil Engineering Faculty in Online Courses

During the existing pandemic situation, Civil Engineering Faculty had played vital role and actively participated in online courses through the forums of Coursera, edX and CPD activities. This was a good initiative by university officials to enhance the technical and research skills of faculty members from different departments. Apart from that, following are the core areas of online courses in which Civil Engineering Faculty has engaged and completed further with online certifications from renowned universities of the world.

  1. Technical Writing
  2. Planning, Writing, Defending and Publishing your Research
  3. Mastering Bitumen for Better Roads and Innovative Applications
  4. Creative Problem Solving
  5. Introduction to Research for Essay Writing
  6. Data Science Ethics
  7. Municipal Solid Waste Management
  8. Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment
  9. EIA for Projects of Civil Engineering
  10. Budgeting and Scheduling Projects
  11. Learning to Teach Online
  12. Spreadsheets for Beginners using Google Sheets
  13. Understanding Research Methods
  14. Managing Project Risks and Changes
  15. Initiating and Planning Projects
  16. Power BI Desktop
  17. Create Customer Support Data with Google Sheets
  18. Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning

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