Activity 01:

Departmental Meeting, Civil Engineering & Architecture, ZUFESTM

On 4th February, 2021, a faculty meeting was organized by Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri, Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture. The main agendas of meeting were commencement of Midterm Examinations (Fall 2020) and resumption of physical classes. Other agendas related to B. Arch program were submission of Midterm papers and Spring 2021 course files along with regular maintenance of attendance on CMS portal.

Activity 02:

Conduction of Midterm Examinations (Fall 2020), Civil Engineering and Technology Programs

The Midterm Examinations of Civil Engineering and Technology programs were held from 8th February, 2021 to 15th February, 2021 at North Campus in accordance with COVID-19 SOPs. The students and teachers maintained separation with each other to ensure social distancing during the examinations. Individuals sitting in examination rooms were bound to wear personal protective equipment, such as appropriate masks, and avoid overcrowding all around.

Activity 03:

Recommencement of Physical Classes in compliance with COVID-19 SOPs

The classes of Department has resumed at North and Link Road Campuses of Ziauddin University on 16th February, 2021 followed by the approvals of competent authority, ending a long closure due to pandemic. According to the SOPs issued by Department of Civil Engineering, wearing masks is mandatory for all students, teachers and lab staff in classrooms and laboratories.

Activity 04:

2nd Final Year Projects (FYP) Committee Meeting, Civil Engineering, ZUFESTM

Dr. Samia Tariq, Convener FYP, Department of Civil Engineering, arranged 2nd FYP committee meeting on 18th February 2021. The main agendas of the meeting were preparation of guidelines for faculty, formalization of student guidelines for preparation of FYP report/ Mid-year and Final FYP presentations in order to provide a uniform and transparent process for the students of BE Civil Engineering Batch I.

Activity 05:

Nominations for OBE Training from Department of Civil Engineering

Two faculty members, Dr. Samia Tariq (Associate Professor) and Engr. Muhammad Kamran (Lecturer), are nominated as representatives from Department of Civil Engineering to work at certain OBE levels in deputed training program at Clifton Campus, ZU. The salient features of program include review of outcomes/objectives, teaching learning and assessment strategies for curriculum mapping and improvement in alignment/ transfer of teaching and assessment data as per Bloom’s Taxonomy on software systems. This activity is being planned to facilitate the process of adapting curricular components as a selected sample which will be helpful to modify existing curriculum document of respective program. The nominations have attended the first session inclusive of learning assignments.