Bachelors of Science in Applied Physics

Program Objectives

  • To produce graduates that are technically skilful and competent to formulate, analyse and solve problems using appropriate scientific principle and application of applied physics.
  • To produce effective and employable graduates that successfully & ethically practice principles of Applied / Natural Physics and in related fields.
  • To produce graduates motivated for lifelong learning & create new knowledge & technical solution through research & development and can thrive in graduate studies using physical Science.
  • To produce graduates with the capacity of work as effective team members & strong leadership qualities.   

Scheme of Studies BS Applied Physics

Semester 1Semester 2
#Course CodeCourse TitleTheory CreditLab Credit#.Course CodeCourse TitleTheory




1HS-105Functional English201NS-112Differential Equations30
2NS-109Calculus and Analytical Geometry302HS-112Communication Skills20
3EE-110Electricity -I313EE-108Basic Electronics31
4CS-100Introduction to Computing214CS-104Programming Fundamentals31
5HS-101Islamic Studies205HS-103Pakistan Studies20
6NS-105Physics316EE-101Workshop Practices01
Semester 3Semester 4
#Course CodeCourse TitleTheory CreditL


#Course CodeCourse TitleTheory CreditL


1NS-219Vector calculus301NS-201Linear Algebra30
2ME-101Mechanics302CS-211Data Structures & Algorithms31
3EE-212Digital logic Design313EE-232Electromagnetism30
4CS-112Object Oriented Programming314EE-231Signals and Systems31
5EE-211Electricity – II315EE-239Waves and Oscillations30
Semester 5Semester 6
#Course CodeCourse TitleTheory CreditLab Credit#Course CodeCourse TitleTheory CreditLab Credit
1NS-206Probability and Statistics301NS-311Numerical Analysis21
2HS-222Technical Report Writing3 02MS-410Economics and Management30
3EE-328Electrodynamics303EE-358Solid State Physics30
4EE-325Electrical Machines314XX-000Laser & optics31
5EE-329Optoelectronics305EE-359Quantum Mechanics-I30
Semester 7Semester 8
#Course CodeCourse TitleTheory CreditLab Credit#Course CodeCourse TitleTheory CreditLab Credit
1MS-442Project Management301MS-411Entrepreneurship and Leadership30
2EE-439Atomic & Molecular Physics302EE-448Computational Physics31
3EE-326Embedded System313EE-449Nuclear Physics30
4CS-452Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic304EE-459Quantum Mechanics-II30
5EE-499Final Year Project –I035EE-499Final Year Project –II03

Credit Hours=133

Duration of Studies

ProgramDuration (Minimum)Duration (Maximum)
BS Applied Physics4 years7 years

Admission Criteria & Intake cycle

  • HSc/Intermediate / A’ Level or Diploma in Associate Engineering
  • The intake cycle will be once per year.

Fee Structure

Tution fee/ creditExam fee / creditNo. of  credit / semTution feesExam feesSem registration feeActivity fee / semAdmission feeSecurity DepositTransport Semester fees
27003001745900510050002000100005000          73,000