BS Cyber Security Technology


Digital world has evolved into a stage for creativity and a front line for cyber-attacks in a time when technology is moving forward at an unrelenting pace. We find ourselves in a never-ending struggle to safeguard the very foundations upon which our contemporary society is founded — our data, our privacy, and our vital infrastructure – even as we embrace the digital age with open arms. The ground-breaking field of BS Cyber Security Technology is positioned to influence how cybersecurity will develop in the future. It is born within this dynamic environment.

Imagine living in a future where our linked systems are resilient to even the most advanced attacks, where our private information is protected from prying eyes, and where our digital lives are unaffected by the continuous onslaught of cybercriminals. This vision is headed by the BS in Cyber Security Technology program, which equips a new generation of cyber guardians with the knowledge and abilities necessary to defend, create, and lead in the digital age.

We explore the deep workings of cybersecurity in this thrilling voyage, where algorithms and artificial intelligence collide with moral conundrums and legal frameworks. To address the human aspects of cybersecurity, we not only go into the depths of cryptography, penetration testing, and incident response, but also into the spheres of psychology, ethics, and policy. This is more than simply a program; it represents a fundamental shift in how we view and protect our digital environment.

We cordially invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where innovation meets security, code meets conscience, and the future meets the present. The goal of the BS Cyber Security Technology program is to create a safer, more robust digital world for future generations, not only to prepare for the issues of the future. Join us in redefining cybersecurity’s laws and lead the BS Cyber Security Technology revolution.


“To prepare students for careers in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity by providing a comprehensive and forward-thinking education. We are committed to fostering a community of learners who are dedicated to safeguarding digital assets, protecting privacy, and mitigating cyber threats. Cultivate ethical and responsible cybersecurity professionals who understand the importance of upholding privacy, integrity, and confidentiality in an interconnected world. Instill a commitment to continuous learning, ensuring that our graduates remain at the forefront of cybersecurity practices and are capable of addressing the challenges of the future.”

Why BS Cyber Security Technology

Cybersecurity technologists play a crucial role in protecting organizations, individuals, and society as a whole from a wide range of digital threats and attacks. Here are several reasons why choosing a career as a cybersecurity technologist is a valuable and important choice. Increasing Cyber Threats: With the growth of the digital world, cyber threats have become more sophisticated and pervasive. Cyberattacks can lead to data breaches, financial losses, reputation damage, and even national security risks. Cybersecurity technologists are needed to defend against these threats. Protecting Data and Privacy: In today’s digital age, sensitive information and personal data are stored and transmitted online. Cybersecurity professionals work to safeguard this data and protect the privacy of individuals and organizations. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is consistently high and is expected to grow in the coming years. This means a strong job market with many opportunities for career growth and development.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility/admission criteria for admission in BSc (Cyber Security Technology) program is strictly as defined in NTC’s Accreditation Manual, Clause

The primary requirements for eligibility/admission are:

  1. Intermediate with Pre-engineering or other equivalent qualifications such as DAE/A-level/ICS/B.Sc. (sports and Hafiz-e-Quran marks are not included) and
  2. Entrance Test
  3. Weightage:
    1. 70% for academics (DAE/FSC etc.)
    2. 30% for Entrance Test

Eligibility Criteria

S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1CS-107TIntroduction to Info. & Comm. Technologies (Theory) (Computing-I)101+2 
2CS-107LIntroduction to Info. & Comm. Technologies (Lab) (Computing-I)02 
2CS-104TProgramming Fundamentals (Theory) (Computing-II)202+2 
3CS-104LProgramming Fundamentals (Lab) (Computing-II)02 
4NS-109Calculus And Analytical Geometry (Natural Sciences-I)303+0 
5NS-106TApplied Physics (Theory) (Natural Sciences-II)202+1 
6NS-106LApplied Physics (Lab) (Natural Sciences-II)01 
7HS-100English Composition & Comprehension (Humanities and Social Sciences-I)202+0 
8HS-101Islamic Studies/Ethical Behavior (Humanities and Social Sciences-II)202+0 
S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1CS-112TObject Oriented Programming (Theory)202+2Programming Fundamentals (Theory and Lab)
(Cyber Security) Foundation-I
1CS-112LObject Oriented Programming (Lab)02
(Cyber Security) Foundation-I
2EE-100TDigital Logic Design (Theory)202+1 
(Cyber Security) Foundation-II
3EE-100LDigital Logic Design (Lab)01 
(Cyber Security) Foundation-II
4HS-103Pakistan Studies 202+0 
(Humanities and Social Sciences-III)
5HS-114Communication and Presentation Skills303+0English Composition & Comprehension
(Humanities and Social Sciences-IV)
6NS-110Linear Algebra (Natural Sciences-III)202+0Calculus and Analytical Geometry
7CS-102TWeb Engineering (Theory)101+2 
(Cyber Security) Foundation-III
8CS-102LWeb Engineering (Lab)02 
(Cyber Security) Foundation-III
S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1CS-211TData Structures and Algorithms (Theory)202+1Programming Fundamentals (Theory and Lab)
(Cyber Security) Foundation-IV
2CS-211LData Structures and Algorithms (Lab)01
(Cyber Security) Foundation-IV
3CS-203TComputer Communication Networks (Theory)202+2 
(Cyber Security) Foundation-V
4CS-203LComputer Communication Networks (Lab)02 
(Cyber Security) Foundation-V
5HS-231Technical and Business Writing (Humanities and Social Sciences-V)202+0Communication & Presentation Skills
6CB-231TIntroduction to Cyber Security (Theory)202+1 
(Cyber Security) Breadth-II
7CB-231LIntroduction to Cyber Security (Lab) (Cyber Security) Breadth-II01 
8NS-206Probability and Statistics303+0 
(Natural Sciences-IV)
9CS-213TIntroduction to Database System (Theory)202+1Data Structures & Algorithms (Theory and Lab)
(Cyber Security) Foundation-V
10CS-213LIntroduction to Database System (Lab) (Cyber Security) Foundation-V01
S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1CS-234TOperating Systems (Theory)202+1Data Structures & Algorithms (Theory and Lab)
(Cyber Security) Breadth -III
2CS-234LOperating Systems (Lab)01
(Cyber Security) Breadth -III
3CS-214TComputer Organization & Assembly Language (Theory)202+1Digital Logic Design (Theory and Lab)
4CS-214LComputer Organization & Assembly Language (Lab)01
5CS-235TArtificial Intelligence (Theory)101+1Object Oriented Programming (Theory and Lab)
(Cyber Security) Breadth -V
6CS-235LArtificial Intelligence (Lab)01
(Cyber Security) Breadth -V
7CB-232TSystems And Network Administration (Theory) 101+2Computer Communication Networks (Theory & Lab)
(Cyber Security) Breadth -IV
8CB-232LSystems And Network Administration (Lab) 02
(Cyber Security) Breadth -IV
9CS-215TInformation Security (Theory)202+1Computer Communication Networks (Theory & Lab)
(Cyber Security) Foundation-VI
10CS-215LInformation Security (Lab)01
(Cyber Security) Foundation-VI
11HS-207Psychology (University Elective-1)303+0 
S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1MS-303Human Resource Management (University Elective-II)303+0 
2CS-355TMachine Learning (Theory)102+1Artificial Intelligence (Theory & Lab)
(Depth Elective-1)
3CS-355LMachine Learning (Lab)02
(Depth Elective-1)
4CS-351TBlock Chain Technology and Application (Theory)202+2 
(Depth Elective-II)
5CS-351LBlock Chain Technology and Application (Lab)02
(Depth Elective-II)
6HS-304Professional Practices202+0 
 (Humanities and Social Sciences-VI)
7MS-304Entrepreneurship and Leadership (Management Elective-1)303+0 
S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1CB-361Final Year Project-I030+3 
2MS-300Information Technology Project Management (Management Elective-II)202+0 
3CB-352TError Correction and Coding Techniques (Theory)101+1Object Oriented Programming (Theory and Lab)
(Depth Elective-III)
4CB-352LError Correction and Coding Techniques (Lab) 01
(Depth Elective-III)
5CB-331TIncident Response and Digital Forensics (Theory) 202+1Information Security (Theory & Lab)
(Information Security) Breadth -VI
6CB-331LIncident Response and Digital Forensics (Lab)01
(Information Security) Breadth -VI
7CB-353TIT Security Audit and Evaluation (Lab) (Cyber Security) Depth –IV202+1Information Security (Theory & Lab)
8CB-353LIT Security Audit and Evaluation (Lab) (Cyber Security) Depth –IV01
9BM-300TBioinformatics (Theory) (IDTE-I)101+1 
10BM-300LBioinformatics (Lab) (IDTE-I)01
S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1CB-462Final Year Project-II030+3 
2NS-401Health, Safety and the Environment101+0 
(Humanities and Social Sciences-VII)
3CB-451TCryptography (Theory)202+1 
(Depth Elective-IV)
4CB-451LCryptography (Lab)01
(Depth Elective-IV)
5CB-452TCloud Computing and IoT (Theory)202+1 
(Depth Elective-V)
6CB-452LCloud Computing and IoT (Lab)01
(Depth Elective-V)
7CB-457TEthical Hacking and Penetration Testing (Theory)202+1Information Security (Theory & Lab)
(Cyber Security Depth – VII)
8CB-457LEthical Hacking and Penetration Testing (Lab)01
(Cyber Security Depth – VII)
9EE-464Renewable Energy (IDTE-II)202+0 
S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleTh.LabCr. Hr.Pre-requisite
1CB-464Supervise Industrial Training (Compulsory)0160+16 

Total Credit Hours = 130
Total Lab Credit Hours=54 (41.54)
Total Theory Credit Hours = 76 (58.46)

Fee Structure

Admission Fee15,000
Security Deposit(refundable)5,000
Total at the time of admission20,000
Per Month Fees 04 Years 8,500