MS (Management Sciences)


Ziauddin University is a well-known Chartered University. Ziauddin University is now offering MS (Management Sciences) at North Nazimabad Campuses. The MS (Management Sciences) program is one of the research programs that is planned for individuals who want to mix business theory, practical knowledge, and professional skills in preparation for careers as faculty and management leaders. The curriculum used is integrated with experiential learning by applying the newest management tools and techniques. Research, Case studies, and project work are among the pedagogies used for delivery of the curriculum content. Students have a choice to do a Research Thesis or two courses or two IRS. It is a diverse course that has various areas of specialization including:

  1. Healthcare Management
  2. Rehabilitation Management
  3. Technology Management
  4. Finance
  5. Islamic Banking and Finance
  6. Human Resources Management
  7. Marketing
  8. Supply Chain Management
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Business Analytics


  • To provide relevant and contemporary research and management knowledge and skills for career building in academia and the corporate world.
  • To sensitize students of the challenges of the global, social, environmental, and ethical dimensions.

Why choose MS (Management Sciences)

Completing an MS (MS) Program, the graduate demonstrates themselves as an effective researcher and professional by solving real problems through the use of management science knowledge and with attention to teamwork, effective communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and preparing themselves for current and future employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of management and related fields. After Completing MS (MS), students can pursue PhD (Management Sciences) locally and internationally. 


Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: Students will establish themselves as effective professionals by solving real problems through the use of management science research knowledge and with attention to teamwork, effective communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

 PEO2: Students will develop professional skills that prepare them for current and future employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of management and related fields.

PEO3: Students will demonstrate their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by having learned and applied new skills and competencies.

PEO4: Students will be provided with an educational foundation that prepares them for excellence, leadership roles along diverse career paths with encouragement to professional ethics and active participation needed for a successful career.

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1: Apply knowledge of management research to solve management problems.

PLO2:  Apply knowledge of core management subjects like Finance, HRM, Marketing to solve business problems

PLO3: Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-driven decision making.

PLO4: Ability to develop value-based leadership ability.

PLO5: Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of a business.

PLO6: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

MS (Management Sciences) Pathways

For students with a 4-year business degree / 16-years of education

  • Average duration of the MS (Management Sciences) program is 1.5 years.
  • Ten courses (30 credits) that may have option of Research Thesis (6 credits)/Two Courses
  • The maximum duration to complete this degree is 4 years.


MS (Management Sciences):   1.5 years

MS (Management Sciences):        4 years

Eligibility Criteria

16 years of education with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or equivalent


14 years of education with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or equivalent (for admission in BBA bridge + MS(MS) Program)

Scheme Study

Total Credit Hours: 30

Semester Wise Structure

MS (Management Sciences) (1.5 Years)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Semester – 1
MSM-510Research Methods & Techniques3
MSM-511Seminar in Management3
 Specialization I3
 Semester Credit Hours9
Semester – 2
MSM-512Quantitative Tools for Research3
MSM-513Seminar in Finance3
 Specialization II3
 Research Project / Research Thesis I/Elective I/IRS3
 Semester Credit Hours12
Semester – 3
MSM-514Seminar in Marketing3
 Specialization III3
 Research Project / Research Thesis-II/ Elective II/IRS3
 Semester Credit Hours9
 Total Credit Hours30


The program structure (Scheme of Studies) and list of courses for MS (Management Sciences) is given below.

 Course Description  No. of Courses  Credit Hours 
Core Courses515
Area of Specialization39
Thesis/IRS/Elective Courses 6
Total Credit Hours 30


List of Core Courses
MSM-510Research Methods & Techniques3
MSM-511Seminar in Management3
MSM-512Quantitative Tools for Research3
MSM-513Seminar in Finance3
MSM-514Seminar in Marketing3


List of Specialization Courses

FIN-601Advanced Corporate Finance3+0
FIN-602Advanced Financial Economics3+0
FIN-603Advanced Credit Management3+0
FIN-604Advanced Taxation Management3+0
FIN-605Advanced Practice & Laws of Banking3+0
FIN-606Advanced Consumer Banking3+0
FIN-607Advanced Seminar in Finance3+0
FIN-608Advanced Risk Management3+0
FIN-609Advanced Auditing3+0
FIN-610Advanced Performance Management3+0
FIN-611Advanced Credit Analysis & Investment Banking3+0
FIN-612Advanced Investment & Portfolio Management3+0
FIN-613Advanced Public Finance3+0
FIN-614Advanced Treasury & Funds Management3+0
FIN-615Advanced Green Finance3+0
FIN-616Advanced Managerial Finance3+0
FIN-617Advanced International Financial Management3+0
FIN-618Advanced Corporate Governance3+0
FIN-619Advanced Financial Statement Analysis3+0
FIN-620Advanced Issue in FinTech3+0
Islamic Banking & Finance
IBF-601Advanced Islamic Banking & Finance3+0
IBF-602Advanced Sharia Governance3+0
IBF-603Advanced Risk Management in Islamic Finance3+0
IBF-604Advanced Islamic Financial System3+0
IBF-605Advanced Insurance and Takaful Management3+0
IBF-606Advanced Islamic Asset and Fund Management3+0
IBF-607Advanced Islamic Economics: Theories and Practices3+0
IBF-608Advanced Islamic Microfinance: Theory and Practices3+0
IBF-609Advanced Islamic Capital Markets3+0
MKT-601Advanced Sales Management3+0
MKT-602Advanced Retail Marketing3+0
MKT-603Advanced Cyber Marketing3+0
MKT-604Advanced Brand Management3+0
MKT-605Advanced Marketing Research3+0
MKT-606Advanced Export Marketing3+0
MKT-607Advanced Agriculture Marketing3+0
MKT-608Advanced Seminar In Marketing3+0
MKT-609Advanced Tourism Marketing3+0
MKT-610Advanced Services Marketing3+0
MKT-611Advanced International Marketing3+0
MKT-612Advanced Advertising Management3+0
MKT-613Advanced Trade Marketing3+0
MKT-614Advanced Marketing of Financial Product3+0
MKT-615Advanced Distribution Channels3+0
MKT-616Advanced Digital Marketing3+0
MKT-617Advanced Marketing Analytics3+0
Human Resource Management
HRM-601Advanced Labor Laws in Pakistan3+0
HRM-602Advanced Employee Performance Management3+0
HRM-603Advanced International HRM3+0
HRM-604Advanced HR Development3+0
HRM-605Advanced Cases and Exercise in Personnel/HRM3+0
HRM-606Advanced Organizational Development3+0
HRM-607Advanced Essential of Training & Development3+0
HRM-608Advanced Industrial Relations3+0
HRM-609Advanced Reward Management3+0
Logistics & SCM
LSC-601Advanced Strategic SCM3+0
LSC-602Advanced Sourcing and Logistics Management3+0
LSC-603Advanced Operational Planning in Supply Chain3+0
LSC-604Advanced Sustainable Supply Chain Management3+0
LSC-605Advanced Supply Chain Modeling3+0
LSC-606Advanced Total Quality Management3+0
LSC-607Advanced Inventory Management3+0
LSC-608Advanced Demand Forecasting3+0
LSC-609Advanced Operational Planning in Supply Chain3+0
LSC-610Strategic Operation Management3+0
LSC-611Strategic Procurement in Supply Chain3+0
LSC-612Supply Chain Strategy, Design and Compliance3+0
LSC-613Supply Chain Mapping3+0
LSC-614Enterprise Resource Planning3+0
LSC-615Public Procurement3+0
Healthcare Management
HCM-601Advanced Leadership in Healthcare3+0
HCM-602Advanced Change Management in Healthcare3+0
HCM-603Advanced Personal Management in Healthcare3+0
HCM-604Advanced Managerial Finance for Healthcare3+0
HCM-605Advanced Credit Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-606Advanced Taxation Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-607Advanced Risk Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-608 3+0
HCM-609Advanced Brand Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-610Advanced Marketing Research for Healthcare3+0
HCM-611Advanced Services Marketing for Healthcare3+0
HCM-612Advanced Advertising Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-613Advanced Distribution Channels for Healthcare3+0
HCM-614Advanced Digital Marketing for Healthcare3+0
HCM-615Advanced Labor Laws in Pakistan for Healthcare3+0
HCM-616Advanced Employee Performance Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-617Advanced HR Development for Healthcare3+0
HCM-618Advanced Industrial Relations for Healthcare3+0
HCM-619Advanced Organizational Development for Healthcare3+0
HCM-620Advanced Reward Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-621Advanced Training & Development for Healthcare3+0
HCM-622Advanced Supply Chain Management for Healthcare3+0
HCM-623Advanced Marketing of Health Services for Healthcare3+0
HCM-624Advanced Inventory Management for Healthcare3+0
Rehabilitation Management
REM-601Advanced Professional Practice & Ethics in Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-602Advanced Sports Finance3+0
REM-603Advanced Sports Marketing3+0
REM-604Advanced Leadership in Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-605Advanced Change Management in Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-606Advanced Personal Management in Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-607Advanced Managerial Finance for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-608Advanced Credit Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-609Advanced Taxation Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-610Advanced Risk Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-611Advanced Sales Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-612Advanced Brand Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-613Advanced Marketing Research for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-614Advanced Services Marketing for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-615Advanced Advertising Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-616Advanced Distribution Channels for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-617Advanced Digital Marketing for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-618Advanced Labor Laws in Pakistan for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-619Advanced Employee Performance Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-620Advanced HR Development for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-621Advanced Industrial Relations for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-622Organizational Development for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-623Advanced Reward Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-624Advanced Training & Development for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-625Advanced Supply Chain Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-626Advanced Marketing of Health Services for Rehabilitation Management3+0
REM-627Advanced Inventory Management for Rehabilitation Management3+0
Technology  Management
TEM-601Advanced Technopreneurship3+0
TEM-602Advanced Business Strategy for Technology Firms3+0
TEM-603Advanced Emerging Trends in Technologies3+0
TEM-604Advanced IT Project Management3+0
TEM-605Advanced Advance Business Intelligence & Analytics3+0
TEM-606Advanced Enterprise Resource planning3+0
TEM-607Advanced Principles of Technology Innovation Management3+0
TEM-608Advanced FinTech3+0
TEM-609Advanced Risk Management in FinTech3+0
TEM-610Advance Digital Business3+0
Business Analytics
BUA-601Advanced Fundamentals of Business Intelligence & Analytics3+0
BUA-602Advanced Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Analytics3+0
BUA-603Advanced Machine Learning for Business Analytics3+0
BUA-604Advanced Business Data and Text Mining3+0
BUA-605Advanced Decision Science for Business3+0
BUA-606Advanced Predictive Analytics3+0
BUA-607Advanced Database Systems3+0
BUA-608Advanced Digital Business3+0
ENT-601Advanced Cases in Entrepreneurship3+0
ENT-602Advanced Managing Entrepreneurial Firms3+0
ENT-603Advanced Organizations & Leading Change3+0
ENT-604Advanced Economics of Location & Transportation3+0
ENT-605Advanced Social Responsibility & Entrepreneurship3+0
ENT-606Advanced Developing New Products and Services3+0
ENT-607Advanced Entrepreneurial Strategy in Emerging Markets3+0
ENT-608Advanced Innovation & Entrepreneurship3+0
ENT-609Advanced International Business3+0
ENT-610Advanced Corporate Entrepreneurship3+0
ENT-611Advanced Technology Entrepreneurship3+0
ENT-612Advanced Business Growth3+0
ENT-613Advanced Entrepreneurial Marketing3+0