PhD program enables graduates to develop advanced skills in designing and conducting research. Such skills are highly applicable to various careers in academia, business, government and non-profit organizations. A doctoral degree program in management sciences imparts several skills that can be applied as part of an independent researcher, corporate manager, independently as a consultant, or even working in the public policy field. There is an increasing emphasis in Pakistan to improve management sciences education to manage businesses in finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Technology Management and related domains. Although many universities offer PhD in Management Sciences but Ziauddin University has the competitive advantage of having a strong foundation of health and engineering disciplines for interdisciplinary topics that can support and facilitate a broad range of specializations pertaining to management sciences.


Program Educational Outcomes:

PEO1: To produce graduates for responsible and impactful research.

PEO2: To produce graduates up-to-date Knowledge through research to meet local and global

needs of the academia, industry and policy making institutions and society.

PEO3. To produce graduates with scientific, critical, innovative thinking, and practical skills

that will help generate novel ideas and solutions for basic & applied real-world

management problems

PEO4. To produce graduates with proficiencies in the quantitative and qualitative problem-

solving skills


Program Learning Outcomes:

PLO1. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of business and management sciences research.

(PEO 1, PEO2, PEO 3).

PLO2. Ability to systematically review, analyse, and interpret the scientific literature and

innovations in the areas of management sciences. (PEO1, PEO 2, PEO 3, PEO4)

PLO3. Ability to conduct high-quality basic & applied research and effectively disseminate the

research outputs in international research journals of repute, conferences, seminars,

patents, research proposals, and other scientific venues. (PEO1, PEO 2, PEO 3, PEO4)

PLO4. Contribute to original research to broaden the boundary of knowledge through

dissertations. (PEO2, PEO 3, PEO4)


Competencies of a Learner:

  1. Skillful
  2. Self-directed and life-long learner
  3. Communicator
  4. Collaborator
  5. Professional
  6. Researcher
  7. Leader


(Ziauddin University, Postgraduate Policy, Section 25.2, Page no. 14. Policy is also given below)

PhD program Admission

  1. At least 18 years of education in the relevant discipline, Minimum CGPA 3.0/4.00 or 60% marks from HEC recognized institute (preferably the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees should be HEC attested or having HEC Equivalence certificate in case of foreign university education).
  2. Passed

(a) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) subject test with 60% or equivalent administrated by

Education Testing service, or

(b) A Graduate Admission Test (GAT) with 60% marks administrated by HEC authorized Testing Council, or

(c) As per HEC guidelines, an equivalent test developed by the university or by another university for admissions to graduate programs with 70% marks.

iii. An interview with faculty/Departmental Admission committee (that should be notified through Registrar office).

25.3 In case of any other scale of marking in pre-requiste transcript /degree for MS / M Phil / PhD programs, HEC conversion formula should be consumed to determine the equivalent CGPA. 25.4 If more than one marking scales are mentioned on pre-requistie degree / transcript for MS / MPhil / PhD programs, CGPA will be considered for admission eligibility of candidate in the specific program.


Admission Fee (Only once)Rs. 20,000
Security Deposit (only once and refundable)Rs. 5,000
Semester Fee (per Semester)Rs. 5,000
Examination Fee (per course)Rs. 2,000
 Tuition Fee (Per Course)Rs. 13,000
Comprehensive Examination Fee (Per Attempt)Rs. 5,000
Supervision Fee (Per Semester)Rs. 18,000
 PhD Dissertation Evaluation Fee (Per Submission)USD 600
GEC Evaluation Fees (Per Evaluation)Rs. 8,000
Viva Voce Exams Fee (Per Attempt)Rs. 20,000






Cr. Hrs

Semester 1RES-710Advanced Research MethodologyNone3+0
RES-711Advanced Quantitative ResearchNone3+0
RES-712/ECO-710Advanced Qualitative Research or Advanced Econometrics for FinanceNone3+0
Semester 2 Elective INone3+0
IRS-720Independent Research Study IRES-710, RES-711, RES-712/ECO-7103+0
IRS-721Independent Research Study IIRES-710, RES-711, RES-712/ECO-7103+0
                                                         Credit Hours    18


PhD Dissertation                   30 Credit Hours



Cr. hrs

Semester 3PRD810Research Proposal 6+0
Semester 4PRD811PhD Dissertation IPRD8106+0
Semester 5PRD822PhD Dissertation IIPRD8116+0
Semester 6PRD823PhD Dissertation IIIPRD82212+0
Credit Hours 30
Total Credit Hours (Course Work + Dissertation) (18+30) 48


List of Electives

Sr. #CodeTitleCr. Hrs
1MAN-730Philosophies of Leadership3+0
2MAN-731Advance International Business Management3+0
3MAN-732Classical and Contemporary Management3+0
4MAN-733Advance Leadership and Change Management3+0
5MAN-734Crisis Management3+0
6MAN-735Seminar on Contemporary Business and Management Issues3+0
7MAN-736Leadership: Theoretical and Practical Perspective3+0
8MAN-737Seminars on Leadership/Management3+0
9HRM-730Strategic Organizational Development3+0
10HRM-731Advance International Human Resource Management3+0
11HRM-732Seminar on Organizational Environment3+0
12HRM-733Competitive Human Resource Strategies in Developing Countries3+0
13ENT-730Advance Entrepreneurship3+0
14FIN-730Advance International Financial Management3+0
15FIN-731Econometric Issues3+0
16FIN-732Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory3+0
17FIN-733Advanced Behavioral Finance3+0
18FIN-734Corporate Governance3+0
19FIN-735Advanced Issues in Fintech3+0
20FIN-736Advanced Islamic Banking & Finance3+0
21FIN-737Advanced Corporate Finance3+0
22FIN-738Seminar on Global Financial Market3+0
23MKT-730Cross Cultural Consumer Research3+0
24MKT-731Advance E-Marketing3+0
25MKT-732Advanced Consumer Behavior3+0
26MKT-733Advanced Brand Management3+0
27MKT-734Advanced Distribution Channels3+0
28TEC-730Statistics with Technology Applications3+0
29TEC-731Technology Policy & Strategy3+0
30TEC-732Principles of Technology Innovation Management3+0
31TEC-733Advance Business Intelligence & Analytics3+0
32TEC-734IT Project Management3+0
33TEC-735Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning3+0
34TEC-736Emerging Trends in Technologies3+0