Cyber Security Workshop

August 31, 2023: “Cyber Security Workshop” organized by the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering was held at Ziauddin University North Campus.

The Workshop started by our esteemed Head of Department, Engr. Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf with a warm welcome to all the participants in the hall. Then Mr. Muhammad Hafiz Ur Rehman who were invited as a guest speaker, gave a brief account on the agenda items to be discussed. He emphasized the importance of data security by simulating some cyber-attacks. It was a very informative workshop for students as every student should know the basic security steps so they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

At the end Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf also appreciated the efforts of Mr. Muhammad Hafiz Ur Rehman and presented the token of appreciation to him. The department would also like to thank Dr. Syed Muhammad Atif, Assistant Professor and Mr. Muhammad Anus, Lecturer in Computer Science and Software Engineering Department for organizing this workshop successfully.